COMMANDERS OF THE 786th A.C.&W. and Radar Sqdn

Compiled by: William D. Kickert (BillK)

augmented by Official Historical Record documents from the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, AL

Major Robert Friend- 26 Dec 51The 1st Cmdr at the 786th
Major James Larson26 Dec 51 - (approx 60 days)
Major Leroy Holen(just a few weeks) - 14 Mar 52
Major Edward Stauffer14 Mar 52 - 16 Apr 55Kickert's 1st Cmdr
Major Halvden W. Thompson16 Apr 55 - 8 Jun 55Native North Dakotan
Major Leonard J Schaitel8 Jun 55 - 26 July 57
Major George A Middleton 26 July 57 - 1960
Major I.D.(Israel) Siegel 1960 Called the "Snake"
Major A.J. Rantal 1960
Major Jacob F. Stevens 1963
Major Fred E. Small 1964-1966 Became Chief, Ground CEM Maint 28th ADiv
Major Neal C. Brigham 1966
Major Raymond L. Graham 1967-1971 Graham to Bounds: Jan 2, 1971 from photo (Minot Daily News)
Major Gordon S Bounds 1971-1972
Capt (Major) H.L. Dent 1972-1974 Dent to Cox: Jul 20,1974 from photo (Minot Daily News)
Major Joseph R. Cox 1974 My last Cmdr before retirement
Major Bruce Smith 1978
Capt Ronald K. Trihart 1979 Last Cmdr at site, went to missile wing MAFB

Dates are from references in my personal orders, etc., except for the last two Cmd'rs. To best of my knowledge the order of succession is correct.

Some dates changed as a result of research at AFHRA (Gene)

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