Minot (N.D.) Daily News
Saturday, Jan 11, 1975


KICKERT Takes 'Hint', Retires

MSgt William Kickert has been at the Minot Air Force Station so long that rumor has it he owns the radar squadron through squatter's rights.

He will be retiring next month, and at the time of his retirement he will have spent 15 consecutive years with the squadron, with other service periods there beginning in March 1954.

In November 1955 he quit the military, but rejoined after 10 months of civilian life. He returned to the air station and remained there until 1958, when he attended data processing school at Keesler AFB, Miss. Then he was assigned back to Minot.

Kickert's decision to retire was prompted by his recent notification that the Air Force would like him to see a little more of the world -- Japan. But his roots now are firmly anchored in Minot and he is just putting the finishing touches on his family's new home, so it is fairly evident why he opted for the retirement route.

He has been noncommissioned officer in charge of the "common digitizer" section since 1962. Kickert's most recent accomplishment was converting one large empty room into three offices, a break area, a training room, and a work area for his own section. He did all the carpentry, electrical and flooring work.

He and his wife Sylvia, a Minot native and registered nurse, and their four children will stay in Minot.


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