A-hunting we will go

by Mike Gombert

Some time in the sixties. There was a SSGT Laudermilk (sp?) a 276XX radar Ops type, that was a bird hunter: pheasant, ducks, geese etc. Anyhow, one evening we were sitting around in the NCO club and in walks Laudermilk. He had just returned from goose hunting in Canada. He wanted to show all of us his kills - if I remember right he announced that he had 4 or 5 geese in the trunk of his car or back of his truck. We all went out to look and we all started to laugh at once! The great hunter had a trunk full of SWANS which we all new were illegal to hunt and which all we knew were a protected species. We asked how he got across the border and he said "they just waved me through!" We explained his transgression and invited ourselves over for a Swan Roast, however, he went straight home (base housing) and buried his "GEESE" in the backyard!!!!! Boy, did we rib him for awhile!